Parents often feel alone, and just knowing there are other people who have had similar experiences can be helpful.  Here are some resources for parental support and information.

Feeding Matters:

Feeding Matters is a parent-professional organization and they’ve developed a feeding questionnaire designed to offer some guidance to both you and your physician about typical eating behaviors. We know that eating enough is not enough! Mealtimes should be enjoyable and comfortable. This questionnaire was developed by experts in the field of pediatric feeding disorders (including Dr. Ross).  After you complete the questionnaire, you will get a print-out that you can email to your physician. It will highlight areas that might need more investigation.

While you are there, explore their other resources for families.  It’s a wealth of information.

Graham’s Foundation:

This online, non-profit was founding in 2009 by parents Jennifer and Nick, in memory of their son Graham.  They deliver support, advocacy and research to improve the outcomes for preemies and their families.  They offer a free all-in-one app for families with preemies as well.

Learning to Love:

Ever feel like you are alone in this? That your baby is the only one who is difficult to feed, or you are the only parent who cannot get their child to eat? My friend, Julie Foge, has been there. She has found it helpful to blog about her journey. Check out her ongoing blog,

SOS Approach to Feeding:

Feeding Fundamentals, LLC specializes in infants born prematurely or who have medical problems. We can offer insights into why infants may struggle to eat or eat comfortably. At this time, our focus is to provide professionals working with these children with evidence-based education. If your child is older than 6 months, and you have questions about later feeding development, we encourage you to visit our partners at SOS Approach to Feeding: