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With monthly updates from Dr. Ross you can stay informed on the latest updates and medical trends for your practice to use. Expect new content from journal reviews to news, updates, tips and more.

Online Tools & Education

Continuing your education with Feeding Fundamentals has never been easier!  We are excited to offer online courses and more to our members.  Please explore this page to see all we have to offer our members.


Dr. Ross is happy to sift through the mountains of data in the medical field and distill it down to bite sized chinks of information for you that she publishes on her blogs.


Downloadable Content

We have a large collection of resources, articles, and reviews that Dr. Ross has created.  We strive to make content accessible so please let us know if you feel something is missing.


Online Training

For years the only way to become SOFFI® certificated was in person.  However we are now happy to offer the teachings of Dr. Ross online at your convince.  We offer both training packages and indivual trainings for purchase.


In Person Training

Dr. Ross has offered trainings in infant feeding all around the United States and Canada.  And we are increasingly offering SOFFI® trainings internationally.  To date, we have offered SOFFI® in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico and Chile.  We are working on bringing SOFFI® in 2020 to India (again!), Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, China, Greece, Indonesia, and South Africa.  And there is a SOFFI® Training Center in Brest, France!

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