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We have a growing collection of resources, articles, and reviews that Dr. Ross has created. We strive to make content accessible so please let us know if you feel something is missing.

Feeding Assessment Questionnaire

Feeding Assessment Questionnaire

Information is key when conducting a feeding assessment. This is a comprehensive fillable questionnaire for gathering information. There are questions about birth and pregnancy, medical history, and feeding history. The form includes questions to gather parental thoughts and current information related to feedings. And finally, there is a section to document your observation of the feeding to gather your initial thoughts prior to writing the assessment.

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Document the Feeding Assessment

Feeding assessments need to describe the feeding experience. The assessment is of the infant, the environment, and the caregiver supports. Assessments should also describe the effectiveness of any interventions that were tried, and ultimately lead to the recommendations. This download provides a guide for writing up an assessment of an infant’s feeding.

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An acronym designed to help the professional think critically about why an infant may be struggling with feeding. In normal development, skills improve. When an infant is not progressing in feeding, there is an underlying reason that is impeding progress. This acronym is a simple way to remember what might be impeding progress. The download provides a fillable form for notes.

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BROSS: Nutritive Sucking Patterns

A handout describing the nutritive sucking patterns identified using the BROSS: Baby Regulated Organization of Subsystems and Sucking

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FUN Feeding Facts and Fictions…Test your knowledge of infant feeding

Ever need a way to help people think about what they know, what they think, and what they don’t know about feeding? Here is a fun quiz that you can use in your own practice or with your own colleagues. Use it to start conversations with your team members. The answers along with the evidence that supports them are downloadable below.

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FUN Feeding Facts and Fictions…How was your knowledge of infant feeding?

Have you taken the FUN Feeding Facts and Fictions quiz? Here are the answers to the quiz, with the evidence to support the answers. This handout goes with the FUN Feeding Facts and Fictions quiz located above.

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Behaviors of Engagement

Resource for identifying behaviors that indicate a readiness to engage, or a need to disengage from a task

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Bedside Feeding Plan

Feeding plans improve outcomes. This handout helps communicate the current plan, and to solicit input from colleagues.

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Research Roundups

The Research Round-up allows the clinician to keep up with current publications, along with Dr. Ross. Each month, Dr. Ross will critically review one article – helping the busy clinician keep up with current trends and evidence. She will explain how to read each of the sections, and then summarize what the article does, and perhaps does not, address. Let her do the work for you!

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SOFFI® References

Do you have trouble finding evidence to use in your practice? Let us do it for you. We are constantly scouring the newest publications for our own webinars and trainings. Every other month, we will update our already extensive reference list. You will have access to our large reference list, and to the updates. Feeding references related to breast feeding, bottle feeding, and nutrition will be included.

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Critical Review Cheat Sheet

A resource for reviewing journal articles

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SOFFI® Algorithms

Updated SOFFI® Algorithms – in English AND in a growing number of languages! Available only to those who have completed SOFFI® Training

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