SOFFI® Trainings


Dr. Ross brings over 30 years of experience working within the neonatal intensive care unit and with infants after discharge. During this time, she has brought her experience in developmentally supportive care practices and feeding development and intervention services together to create SOFFI®:  Supporting Oral Feeding in Fragile Infants.

SOFFI® is an integrated approach to supporting oral feeding in preterm and in infants who have complex medical issues, both in the NICU and in the Early Intervention setting.  SOFFI®  is offered both in an online video format and virtually “live” via ZOOM. The SOFFI® Hybrid Expanded course offers eight hours of foundational material as prerecorded video modules, followed by two days of live, interactive time focused on practical application of assessment and intervention strategies.  This training provides the practitioner with evidence-based information regarding feeding development as well as assessment and intervention strategies.  SOFFI® is guided by the SOFFI® Algorithm, which is a clinical decision-making pathway designed to ensure all feeders use the same critical thinking during feedings.  In 2013, the National Association of Neonatal Nurses highly recommended the use of the SOFFI Algorithm in conjunction with their  “Infant-Directed Oral Feeding for Premature and Critically Ill Hospitalized Infants:  Guideline for Practice” (Sables-Baus, S., et al., 2013.) “The SOFFI algorithm is grounded in similar principles as described in this guideline.” National Association of Neonatal Nurses

How to Get Certified

Virtual Trainings

Join us and become a SOFFI® Certified Professional live from your own computer. We do trainings virtually via a ZOOM platform at various times and days to accommodate our world-wide audience.

Online Video Trainings

You may also become a SOFFI® Certified Professional through the SOFFI® Certificate Course by taking the material online using prerecorded video modules. We are excited to announce SOFFI®  has been updated with the newest research and materials.

This is a great way to train from the comfort of your own home!

Hybrid Expanded Course

The SOFFI® Hybrid Expanded Course offers more time for interaction.  In this version, the first eight hours of material are offered using prerecorded videos.  Then, the course finishes with two days of live, interactive material.

We returned to globally hosted in-person events in 2023, and are excited to offer this as an option for becoming SOFFI® Certified Professional.

SOFFI® Hybrid Expanded Course 2023



Our Past Trainings

This program has been implemented in hospitals and community environments, both within the United States and internationally. SOFFI® has been taught to professionals from all over the world, during conferences hosted in Canada, Singapore, the Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Poland, France, Chile, Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Indonesia, Greece and Israel. In 2014, Brest, France became the first international SOFFI® Training Center. Follow along on the journey by visiting our SOFFI Shares Blog.

Completed Your Training?

After completing your SOFFI® Course its time to claim your SOFFI® Membership and its benefits!

SOFFI® Community Membership

The SOFFI® Community Membership is exclusively open to people who have completed SOFFI® Training – either on-line or in person. It provides all of the benefits of the BASIC Membership PLUS unique benefits and access to specific products that are only available after SOFFI® training.  You will need a password to sign up for this FREE membership. If you did not receive a password at the time of your course, please contact us to request one at

Cost: Free

SOFFI® Professional Membership

This membership is designed exclusively for SOFFI® Healthcare professionals who have successfully completed the SOFFI® Training Course, and are now a SOFFI® Certified Professional.  If you are interested in ALL of the benefits as well as discounts and access to ongoing resources created for SOFFI®, you will receive all the benefits of the SOFFI® COMMUNITY membership, and so much more. You also receive free access to the updated SOFFI® Reference list, SOFFI® Algorithms in several languages, and discounts. And…access to Dr. Ross’ monthly critical reviews of new articles, called Research Round-ups. This membership also unlocks an additional mentoring opportunity in a NEW feature called “Coffee with Erin”.  Zoom in with Dr. Ross to chat, ask questions, talk about cases… this time is yours!

Cost: $189/Year