Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about Feeding FUNdamentals. This section is here to provide some quick answers to the most frequently asked queries we receive. You can use our contact form as well if you have something specific you want to know, or have a subject not covered here.

Does Feeding FUNdamentals, LLC provide consultation on-site for hospitals and clinics?

Yes! Dr. Ross is frequently asked to visit hospital systems and consult with nursing and therapy administration and staff. And we now have an Enterprise License that is designed to provide system-wide training for hosptial and therapy staff. She has provided training to support NICU efforts in shifting from task-oriented to individualized feeding practice across the United States as well as internationally.

Is Feeding FUNdamentals, LLC approved for continuing education credit?

Yes! The online SOFFI® Training Package and SOFFI® Virtual Full Course are approved by ASHA. The SOFFI® Training Package is 13 continuing hours (1.3 CEU’s) and the SOFFI® Virtual Full Course is 15.5 hours (1.55 CEU’s). Feeding FUNdamentals, LLC notifies ASHA at the end of each month which ASHA members have completed these courses. The SOFFI® Virtual Full Course is also approved by AOTA. We are working to get approval for the online version from AOTA. The approvals for nursing and for dietitians are also being pursued.

Can Feeding FUNdamentals, LLC help me set up research projects for my own research?

Yes! Dr. Ross’ doctoral training prepared her for developing clinical research projects across a variety of settings. She can assist in preparing grant applications, developing research questions, collecting and analyzing data, and in supporting manuscript preparation and submission. Please contact her if you’re interested in further information.

Does Feeding FUNdamentals, LLC provide direct services to infants and families?

Not currently. Dr. Ross’ interests as well as the mission of Feeding Fundamentals, LLC is to provide the best evidence to professionals, who then can support families with whom they work.

Does Dr. Ross have any personal experience with children with special healthcare needs/special education?

Dr. Ross is the parent of a child with special healthcare needs and is a past member of the Colorado Department of Education Special Education Advisory Committee. Her background adds a personal perspective to her work in supporting infant and family development.