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We’re so excited that you have found us! We are a community that values the importance of pleasurable feedings. If you’re a parent who is looking for help because you have a baby or child who struggles to eat – either enough food (volume), or comfortably (safety), Feeding Fundamentals, LLC offers several resources to help. We do not offer direct therapy at this time. And without evaluating your baby, we cannot give specific recommendations.  But we can offer general information – from Dr. Ross and from trusted sources.

Feeding Fundamentals, LLC was founded by Erin Ross, PhD to raise awareness of the importance of pleasurable feedings and to provide evidence-based continuing education to professionals. Dr. Ross has over 28-years of experience working with premature infants as well as infants who have medical disorders. Her primary focus has been providing education for professionals regarding the development of breast and bottle feeding skills as well as the importance of providing comprehensive support for parents so that they can be the primary feeders of their baby. While both parents and professionals are working together to increase volume and safety of feedings for babies, the Feeding Fundamentals, LLC philosophy extends to focusing on the holistic feeding experience. We believe that pleasurable feeding experiences will improve both volume and safety.  We have a philosophy of feeding that focuses on enjoyable mealtimes for both parents and infants – regardless of where in the process your baby is in learning to eat.

Philosophy of feeding

The link above will help you understand our philosophy of feeding.  We believe that all families and infants, and children, deserve the enjoy mealtimes.  Some people only think about getting the baby to eat – and focus on the amount.  We believe that pleasurable feeding experiences are the first step in learning to eat over a lifetime.  Infants who want to eat and enjoy the experience, and parents who look forward to feeding their baby, can learn and grow together.

Online resources for parents:

Ever wish you could read about infants who are like your baby? Parents who are struggling, or have struggled, like you?  Most of the typical online resources for new parents do not describe what you are going through.  This link is to additional resources for support and guidance.

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