Free Memberships

Feeding Fundamentals LLC offers a large variety of resources for free to the community. We have two levels of free membership. For those who have previous SOFFI™ experience, and those who have none.

Paid Memberships

A paid membership will grant you access to a larger variety of content. On top of this, you will also receive some discounts on products and downloads. We have two paid membership options.

Basic Membership

Basic membership is designed for Healthcare professionals who are seeking general information about neonatal and/or pediatric feeding practices.  It also unlocks access (some for free) to resources such as scientific evidence to support practice, and an overview of SOFFITM.  It is helpful for professionals who want to take individual webinars at their own pace, or the 2-day SOFFITM Training modules at their own leisure.  It is also appropriate for professionals who are interested in other offerings from Feeding Fundamentals and would like to pay individually for them.  This membership is FREE.

SOFFITM  Community Membership

The SOFFITM  Community Membership is exclusively open to people who have completed the 2-day SOFFITM  Training – either on-line or in person.It provides all of the benefits of the BASIC Membership PLUS unique benefits and access to specific products that are only available after SOFFITM training.  You will need a password to sign up for this FREE membership. If you did not receive a password at the time of your course, please contact us to request one.

Feeding Fundamentals Membership

This membership entitles clinicians to a variety of benefits, bundled for savings. For instance, healthcare professionals interested in improving their current understanding of evidence-based research related to neonatal and/or pediatric feeding. It is also designed for professionals who are planning on taking the SOFFITM 2-Day Training Course but have not yet attended the course, or for SOFFITM  trained clinicians who want some bundled services but are not committed to becoming a subscribing  member of the SOFFITM  Professional Membership.

Cost: $179/Year

SOFFITM Professional Membership

This membership is designed exclusively for SOFFITM Healthcare professionals who have successfully completed the SOFFITM 2-Day Training Course, and who are interested in ALL of the benefits as well as discounts and access to ongoing resources created for SOFFITM. You will receive all the benefits of the FEEDING FUNDAMENTALS membership as well as the SOFFITM COMMUNITY membership. This membership also unlocks additional mentoring opportunities.

Cost: $189/Year