Membership Levels

Feeding FUNdamentals, LLC offers a large variety of resources.

We have two levels of free membership! For those who have previous SOFFI® experience, and those who have none.

(Memberships and their associated downloadable resources were updated as of September 1, 2023.)

Basic Membership

For professionals or parents seeking general information, resources and an overview of SOFFI®

Ability to Purchase Courses

SOFFI® Shares Blog

FUNdamentally Parents Blog

Some Free Downloadable Resources

Additional materials available (for a fee)


SOFFI® Community Membership

Exclusively available to healthcare professionals who have successfully completed SOFFI® training

SOFFI® Shares Blog

FUNdamentally Parents Blog

Additional Free Downloadable Resources

Closed Facebook Group

SOFFI® Live Update 1 x Year

Access to additional SOFFI® materials (some for a fee)

15% Discount Refresher SOFFI® Online Certificate Video Training Package

10% Discount Refresher SOFFI® Live Virtual Course