Our Blogs are where we communicate to our members outside trainings, webinars, and in person classes. You can check into these to stay up to date on what we are up to, as well as the latest in our field. Please note that some blogs require a yearly pass to view. These same blogs are included in some memberships.


A monthly blog designed to provide general information to professionals interested in SOFFI® and feeding information, such as newly released technology, evidence, or “in the news” information. This is also where we just share fun stuff!

Cost: Free To All Members


While we do not directly provide services to parents, we value their role. This blog enables us to write directly to parents who have registered on the site. Information will range from new resources for parents, to stories shared by other parents, to questions parents might ask of their therapist.

Cost: Free To All Members


This is specifically designed for the professional who is interested in learning more about how to read the evidence, how to interpret the evidence, and how to know if the evidence is helpful to your practice.  Monthly information regarding evaluating the evidence is offered. Participants may also send in questions for consideration.

Cost: $40/Year

(Free for paid memberships)