Supporting Parents and Infants During Early Feedings in the Intensive Care Unit and at Home

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  • Influence of early birth on infant and parent:  0-10:10
  • Preterm infant feeding outcomes:  10:10-15:50
  • Expanding the goal from feeding to nourishing:  15:50-18:05
  • Effect of NICU on parents:  18:05-30:30
  • Food acceptance model:  30:30-34:25
  • Supportive Interventions for Parents:  34:25-40:10
  • Feeding experiences as a conversation: 40:10-43:30
  • Infant—Led feedings:  43:30-53:35

Total Run time:  53:35

Summary of course:

This course provides the professional with information on the unique challenges parents face when feeding their infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and after discharge.  This webinar focuses on the influence of early birth and the neonatal intensive care unit and other intensive care units on infant and parent interactions as well as feedings.  Preterm infant feeding outcomes as well as the effect of the hospitalization of the newborn on the parental role are explored.  Infant-led feedings are discussed and supportive interventions for parents are offered.  The course provides professionals with evidence-based interventions designed to support families and the parent-infant interaction during feedings.

Course Objectives

  • List at least one emotion families report having while feeding their infants in the NICU
  • Define “nourish” and “feed”
  • List at least one resource available to families
  • List at least one way staff in the NICU can help parents feel attached to their infant in the NICU
  • List at least one area of knowledge parents need to be taught


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