SOFFI® quizzes for certification

$69.00 for 6 months

SOFFI® Training Package – Quizzes only

We have created a certification process! For those of you who have already taken the SOFFI® course, you may now take the associated 12 quizzes and become certified as a SOFFI® Professional. While not required (you may continue practicing with your certificate of completion), now that we have a verification process in place we can offer this certification as well.  You must first be a member of one of the SOFFI® memberships as only those who have taken a course (virtual or live) may take the quizzes. If you are taking the courses online, you are getting the quizzes as part of the course and do not need to purchase this product. If you just want to take the quizzes for the certification, sign-up for a 6 month period during which you can take each quiz repeatedly until you pass. You will not have access to the webinars – just the quizzes.  Once you have passed all 12 modules you will be sent a certification as a SOFFI® Professional.

Remember – if you would like to take the online SOFFI® package as a refresher (and get the quizzes for free as part of that refresher course), consider using your membership option.  For SOFFI® Community members the discount for the online course is 25%, and for SOFFI® Professional members the discount is 50%.  With a package price of $369, that means you would pay only $276.75 for the full course plus quizzes and certification, or $184.50 if you are a SOFFI® Professional member.

To purchase this product, first sign up for a membership.