Research Round-Up

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The Research Round-up allows the clinician to keep up with current publications, along with Dr. Ross. Each month, Dr. Ross will critically review one article – helping the busy clinician keep up with current trends and evidence. She will explain how to read each of the sections, and then summarize what the article does, and perhaps does not, address. Let her do the work for you!

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Have you ever thought it would be nice to have someone else keeping track of the new articles published every month? Have you ever gotten confused by what you read in a published article, and feel like it would be helpful to understand research better? In the Research Round-up, Dr. Ross will present an article every month related to feeding the infant with medical comorbidities and/or the premature infant. She will critically review the article, discussing the basic points of the article. In doing so, you will better understand what the information adds to our current understanding. But you will also be given information about what the limitations are of the data, and the results.  


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