Feeding FUNdamentals Membership (1-year)

$179.00 / year

Healthcare professionals interested in improving their current understanding of evidence-based research related to neonatal and/or pediatric feeding and/or who plan to attend a SOFFI® 2-day Training Course. The level is specifically designed for clinicians or researchers who are interested in discussing the evidence for feeding interventions.  It is also designed for professionals who are planning on taking the SOFFI® 2-Day Training Course but have not yet attended the course, or for SOFFI®  trained clinicians who want some bundled services but are not committed to becoming a subscribing  member of the SOFFI® PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP.



FEEDING FUNDAMENTALS MEMBERSHIP entitles clinicians to a variety of benefits, bundled for savings.  Feeding FUNdamentals Members receive:


  • Information on upcoming events or launches of new products
  • Parent Information BLOGS with general information and resources for parents who are registered with Feeding Fundamentals (which is a free resource to them)
  • SOFFI® SHARES BLOG which focuses on disseminating general feeding information, such as new journal articles, interesting news articles, professional resources


FUNDAMENTALS FORUM BLOG which focuses on mentoring related to reading and critically evaluating the evidence  

Membership to the RESEARCH ROUND-UP JOURNAL CLUB. Every month, Dr. Ross will critically review a journal article. She will explain how to read each of the sections, and then summarize what the article does, or perhaps does not, address.  Participants are encouraged to send in journal articles to be reviewed as well. Focus will be on newly published research.

Access to the SOFFI® reference list (updated quarterly)

15% off one webinar (excludes webinar series)

15% off the SOFFI® 2-day training course hosted and registered through Feeding FUNdamentals. 

Similar to basic members, For feeding fundamentals members who complete the full SOFFI®  2-day course (online as a package or via modules, or by attending a live offering), a unique benefit is available during the first year immediately following the training.  Newly trained SOFFI® clinicians may attend FREE one 2-hour online interactive group conference calls designed to offer guidance for implementing SOFFI® in clinical practice and to offer time for questions and answers.

Membership will automatically renew & can be canceled anytime.


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