Development of Internal Regulation and Feeding

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This webinar covers some general information regarding the development of the physiologic, motor and sensory systems and the influence on feeding skill acquisition.

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Summary of course

This webinar describes how feeding influences stability in physiologic, motor, and sensory systems. The central nervous system also affects eating. The behavioral state system supports the infant’s ability to attend and interact during feedings.  These systems are developing in the preterm infant, and often are problematic for infants with ongoing medical conditions. This webinar discusses how these systems combine during eating.

Presented by: Dr. Erin Ross: Internationally recognized Infant Feeding Specialist, Speech Pathologist, and creator of SOFFI®, Supporting Oral Feeding in Fragile Infants in the NICU and presenter for Toomey & Associates, Inc. 

Intended Audience
Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Special Education Teachers, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Early Intervention Specialists, Nurses, Physicians, and Mental Health Workers.  Note: Training conferences are available for professionals only.

Course Level
This course is an intermediate level course: Information is geared to practitioners with a general working knowledge of current practice trends and literature related to the subject matter. Focus is on increasing understanding and competent application of the subject matter.  Prerequisite – None


  • Describe the importance of physiologic stability on feeding
  • Describe at least one comorbid factor associated with slower feeding progression
  • List what the autonomic nervous system involuntarily regulates
  • List when the taste buds develop in the fetus


  • Physiologic Demands of Feeding: 0:00 – 3:55
  • Motor Demands of Feeding: 3:55 – 4:53
  • Sensory Demands of Feeding and the Nervous System: 4:53 – 10:45
  • Behavioral State Demands: 10:45 – 14:00
  • Interacting During Feeding: 14:00 – 16:38

Total Run time:  16:38 minutes

 ** To ensure Learners successfully achieve the Learning Outcomes above and to satisfy the completion requirements and continuing education credits, all attendees are expected to view the online workshop in the entirety. Additionally, all attendees are required to complete an 8-question quiz and receive 100% to be considered passing. Please take the quiz immediately after completing the webinar to make sure you mastered the content. The quiz may be taken as many times as necessary.  Attendees must also  complete a course evaluation to receive their certificate of completion.


Toomey & Associates, Inc. and SOFFI®, complies with ADA provisions. If you require special accommodations or need assistance, please contact Gina Gass at least two weeks in advance of the conference at [email protected]

Content Disclosure
The course content is focused on the SOFFI® Method and there will be limited or no information provided about similar products or services.


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