Home with SOFFITM: A Parent Education Program

This program is designed to help staff Educate, Enable and Engage parents of infants in the NICU in support of feeding development. The goal is to help parents become confident, competent feeders of their infant from birth in the hospital as well as after discharge at home.   A license for this program may be purchased by hospital or inpatient units.  NOTE:  At least one professional staff member (RN, PT, OT, SLP) must be training in the use of the SOFFITM program or at least in the SOFFITM Algorithm.

We now have two options for this product. You may choose a poster/paper handout option or an online training option for families.

For the poster/paper option:

After licensing, the facility will receive one 12X12 Treehouse poster, 4 3M command strips per poster, a sheet of stickers (footprints), an instruction manual, free access to the Home with SOFFITM single webinar, and a series of parent handouts that can be printed as needed, for every bedspace.  The parent handouts are printable by the hospital, allowing the single poster (that stays in the room) to be used with multiple families.

For the online option:

We now have developed a parent "flip book" that can be accessed by cell phone, tablet or desktop. The parent will have access to all of the information contained within the printed handouts, but in a booklet format on their device.

Parent Handouts:

There are 27 parent handouts, organized into 5 “roots” to provide the foundation and 8 Treehouse Footholds (Steps) along a progression of oral feeding milestones.  As the infant progresses up the Footholds, there are 1 to 7 handouts per Foothold. They are color coded and numbered. This program is designed to be used with the SOFFITM Algorithm, however it can be used in isolation by a staff member who has attended the SOFFITM training. When it is used along with the SOFFITM Algorithm, the roots and the footholds up to the Treehouse correlate with the steps on the SOFFITM Algorithm.  As such, the Foundation and the Treehouse Footholds have handouts for all infants.  Some babies will need professional staff and/or parents to intervene and provide supportive interventions.  For these babies, there are 6 optional handouts in the tree limbs/leaves (Branch handouts).


Computerized Algorithm

The SOFFI TM Algorithm has gone high-tech!  In the original use of the SOFFI TM Algorithm, a companion “training manual” was used.  One derivative was published in 2011:

Ross, E. S., & Philbin, M. K. (2011). SOFFI: An evidence-based method for quality bottle-feedings with preterm, ill, and fragile infants. Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing, 25(4), 349-357.

Philbin, M. K., & Ross, E. (2011). The SOFFI Reference Guides: Text, Algorithms, and Appendices: A Manualized Method for Quality Bottle Feedings. Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing, 25(4), 360-380.

The algorithm has now been converted into an interactive online resource, complete with supporting documents.