Welcome to Feeding Fundamentals!

I am so excited that you have found us, and found a community that values the importance of pleasurable feedings!  Since you are a parent, I also assume you are looking for help because you have a baby or child who struggles to eat – either enough, or comfortably.  Feeding may have become something you dread.  Maybe you are not sure if the way your baby is eating is ok….

Feeding Fundamentals, LLC can help you find information.  We do not do direct therapy at this time.  And without evaluating your baby, we cannot give specific recommendations.  But you will find some information that might be helpful to you.  We will also soon be offering a listing of people who have been trained in SOFFISM :  Supporting Oral Feeding in Fragile Infants.

If you are not sure if your baby’s eating is typical, you can take this questionnaire (link below).  Feeding matters is a parent-professional organization.  They have developed a feeding questionnaire, designed to offer some guidance to both you and your physician about typical eating behaviors.  We know that eating enough is not enough!  Eating should be something everyone enjoys.  This questionnaire was developed by experts in the field of pediatric feeding disorders, including Dr. Ross.  Once you take the quiz, you will get a print-out that you can email to your physician.  It will highlight areas that might need more investigation.


While you are there, check out their other resources for families.  It is a wealth of information.

Our goal at Feeding Fundamentals, LLC is to offer information to families about normal feeding development for babies up until about 6 months (counting from their due date).  We specialize in infants who were born prematurely, or who have medical problems.  We can offer insights into why infants may struggle to eat, or eat comfortably.  We also will offer general ways to help when feeding is a challenge.  If your child is older than 6 months, and you have questions about later feeding development, we encourage you to visit our partners at SOS Approach to Feeding: Dr. Kay Toomey is a good friend and colleague, and is a world-renown expert in the area of pediatric feeding disorders.



I will write about a topic related to feeding infants each month.  We welcome you to our family!