Continuing Education with Feeding FUNdamentals

Offering a variety of options for professionals and parents

At Feeding FUNdamentals, we are passionate about helping all fragile infants live and thrive by providing accessible evidence-based education on infant feeding and nutrition, emphasizing neuroprotective caregiving and family inclusion.  We have a library of content, with different offerings to meet the needs of different learners.  Our primary focus continues to be continuing education for professionals working with infants and their families within Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and other intensive care settings, as well as with these infants and families in early intervention settings (home, clinic and rehabilitation) after discharge.  We now have three ways to become a SOFFI® certified professional!  Each of these three ways are designed to provide the same information but in ways that suit individual learners.  We have updated all of the SOFFI® content and released the newest vibrant videos for the 12 modules in the SOFFI® Online Certificate Course.  This course provides all of the content as recorded webinars, to be taken at home or office at times convenient for the learner.  We also provide the SOFFI® Certificate Course several times a year as a virtual “live” course conducted via ZOOM.  And Dr. Ross is resuming in-person trainings in 2023, but using a Hybrid delivery model.  In this model, the learner will take the foundational information as 8 recorded webinar videos, and then attend a two-day in-person event.  This enables the course to be expanded to provide more time with case studies and group work.

Dr. Ross has worked with infants and young children her entire career, and has focused on the typical development of feeding skills as well as in assessment and treatment of Pediatric Feeding Disorder.  For two years, she worked with nutrition scientists at the University of Colorado, where she expanded her expertise in strategies to support health and nutrition in infants and young children.  At this time, we have a series of webinars recorded with a live film crew designed to provide professionals and parents with information on how to expand the diet of children from birth to ten years of age.

Finally, the library has an expanding recorded content designed to cover specializes topics that are suggested by previous learners as future topics, or that have been the focus of questions posed by previous participants.  These single-topic videos were also recorded using a live film crew!

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